What makes you different from your competitors?
Our brand is all about helping our customers achieve a whole new level of comfort through our garments premium top quality soft hand picked materials. We live in a time where there is so much chaos, noise and stress, that's why all of our garments are designed with an obsessive attention to detail while keeping a minimalistic but fashion forward design. The majority of our garments are unisex and are available from XXS to XXL which allows all of our customers regardless of gender and size to express their individualized personality through their style. 
How long have you been in business?
AMNEA launched its first garment in December 2019. In the four months following, our Instagram gained popularity, with a generation that finds an extension to their personality in fashionable ways, desperately searching for minimalistic premium quality garments at a reasonable price. It was this success that allowed us the opportunity to launch our business in April 2020, providing us with continued opportunities to build our business and provide customers with a more extensive range of garments since.
Where is the company based?
AMNEA is a Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec. 
We want your AMNEA pieces to remain in great condition and highly recommend following our care instructions.

General Care Instructions:
Cold wash
Hang dry or lay flat
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron